Market Data

Real-Time Dispatch Data
RTD Regional Reserve Prices
RTD Reserve Schedules
RTD Prices and Schedules
RTD Regional Summaries
RTD Market Clearing Price
RTD HVDC Schedules
Congestions Manifesting in RTD
RTD Generation Offers
RTD Reserve Offers
RTD Self-Scheduled Nominations
Security Limits Used in RTD
Outage Schedules Used in RTD
HVDC Limits Imposed in RTD
Hour-Ahead Projection Data
HAP Regional Reserve Prices
HAP Prices and Schedules
HAP Regional Summaries
HAP HVDC Schedules
Congestions Manifesting in HAP
Security Limits Used in HAP
Outage Schedules Used in HAP
HVDC Limits Imposed in HAP
Day-Ahead Projection Data
DAP Regional Reserve Prices
Congestions Manifesting in DAP
DAP Prices and Schedules
DAP Regional Summaries
DAP HVDC Schedules
Security Limits Used in DAP
Outage Schedules Used in DAP
HVDC Limits Imposed in DAP
Week-Ahead Projection Data
WAP Regional Reserve Prices
WAP Prices and Schedules
WAP Regional Summaries
WAP HVDC Schedules
WAP Congestions
Security Limits Used in WAP
Outage Schedules Used in WAP
HVDC Limits Imposed in WAP
Post Market Run Calculations Data
DIPC Reserve Results - Final
Prices Used in Settlement
Load Weighted Average Prices (Final)
Generator Weighted Average Price (Final)
Indicative Administered Prices
DIPC Energy Results - Final
DIPC Energy Results - Raw
Generator Weighted Average Price (Original)
Load Weighted Average Prices (Original)
Other Data
PSM Constrained-on Generators
Registered Capacity - Ancillary Services
Registered Capacity - Generation
Valid Discrepancies on SO Dispatch Instruction Report
Regional Merit Order Table (MOT) Files
List of MOT-Raise Re-Dispatch based on SO Dispatch Instruction Report
List of Must-Run Units based on SO Dispatch Instruction Report
SO Dispatch Instruction Report
MPI Advisories