Other Services

Service Forms for WESM Members, Non-WESM Members and Trading Participants

Participant services include provision of market information, digital certificate services, and update of contact information. To avail the service, the following forms must be accomplished:

Digital Certificate Service Request Form
WESM Contact Information Sheet 

You may submit the accomplished form via email to:

Registration and Stakeholder Services Division
Trading Operations Department
Email : registration@iemop.ph

For Data Services requests, please refer to the URL for Data Services requests: https://www.iemop.ph/services/data-services/


Central Ticketing System (CTS) 

The IEMOP Central Ticketing System (CTS) will be available for all Trading Participants and the public starting 30 September 2020. The CTS may be used to submit data and training requests, operation inquiries, and more. To help you learn how to navigate its pages, you may read this user guide and watch this video guide for reference.