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  • Thu, 13 June 2024

WCO Certification Program

WCO Certification Program


The Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) Rules mandate all the WESM Compliance Officers (WCO) to undergo a certification process. (Clause [e], WESM Rules).

IEMOP as the Market Operator is designated to be a Training Service Provider for the WCO Certification Program. Credit units may be earned through the approved Certification Program which covers all scheduled training programs of IEMOP as published on the Knowledge Center page accessible through https://www.iemop.ph/services/knowledge-center/.

The training programs with corresponding number of hours and credit units are provided below:

Basic WESM Training 14 14
RCOA Training 14 14
Advanced WESM Training on Pricing and Settlement 14 21
Advanced WESM Training on Trading Operations, Governance and Compliance 14 21

The training fee, procedures, and guidelines may be viewed and downloaded in the link below:


In addition, the conduct of events such as the biannual Market Participants Update, briefings/orientations on new laws and issuances, and other relevant offerings as stated in clause 4.1.2 [b] will be entitled to appropriate credit units.

For more information on the WCO Certification and Registration Program, you may visit this link.

If you wish to know more about this program, you may send an email to kms@iemop.ph.