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  • Thu, 13 June 2024
02 February 2023

As of 31 January 2023


Market Participant Short Name Region Amount Remarks
ABRA ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. (ABRECO) ABRECO Luzon               (296,758,440.93) Default
ALBAY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. (ALECO) ALECO Luzon               (286,595,408.40) Default
CAMARINES SUR II ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. (CASURECO2) CASURECO2 Luzon                  (23,473,503.61) Default
CLEANGREEN ENERGY CORPORATION (CEC) CEC Luzon                            (5,512.97) Default
COSMO SOLAR ENERGY, INC. (CSEI) CSEI Visayas                       (366,446.61) Default
GREEN FUTURE INNOVATIONS, INC. (GFII_FIT) GFII_FIT Luzon                    (6,218,654.66) Default
LINDE PHILIPPINES INC. (LINDE) LINDE Luzon                    (9,742,025.22) Default
NORTH NEGROS BIOPOWER, INC. (NNBP) NNBP Visayas                         (33,587.06) Default
PANAY ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. (PECO) PECO Visayas                  (22,094,087.85) Default
PILIPINAS SHELL PETROLEUM CORPORATION (PSPCGEN) PSPCGEN Luzon                            (7,915.74) Default
SAN CARLOS BIOENERGY, INC. (SCBI) SCBI Visayas                         (67,791.56) Default
SAN CARLOS BIOPOWER INC. (SCBIOPOWR) SCBIOPOWR Visayas                       (841,171.98) Default
SOUTH NEGROS BIOPOWER, INC, (SNBP) SNBP Visayas                       (647,536.05) Default
SOLAR PHILIPPINES RETAIL ELECTRICITY INC. (SPREIRES) SPREIRES Luzon                               (741.53) Default
WATERFRONT MACTAN CASINO AND HOTEL, INC (WAHCRES) WAHCRES Visayas                       (126,181.69) Default